“Lenore” is based on a poem of the same title written in 1774 by Gottfried Bürger. While the poem tells a Death and the Maiden tale this dance work interprets that theme as the individual’s struggle against change, by looking at how expectations are associated with everyday objects. The work draws from the 17th century Dutch still life pictorial tradition of “Vanitas” – each object proposes a future by representing something Lenore longs for and feels due, however unlikely.
Funded by the Arts Council’s Dance Project Award and supported by Dance Limerick and Limerick Arts Office, in collaboration with American Artist Colin Gee.


Angie Smalis

“Lenore,” tells a circular tale about expectations in which a series of
ordinary objects, remade as sculptures, lead her to imagine the circumstances she feels they’ve promised her. Lenore, with her husband William, is led by each object through a fable-like pursuit of reflections, almost to the death, before escaping reluctantly back to the same moment where they began, to begin again.

‘Lenore continues my collaborative work with American Artist Colin Gee and morality tales, using performance techniques developed together over the last three years, exploring the use of performance persona to understand narrative expectations in dance. ‘Lenore’ similarly results in one evening-length performance, as well as a video series’.

Concept and performance: Angie Smalis and Colin Gee(NYC)
Show: 10 November 2016
Venue: Dance Limerick, 1-2 John’s Square
Time: 8pm
Tickets: €10/8 at the door or at www.dancelimerick.ie

Funded by The Arts Council and supported by Limerick City and County Council, Belltable and Dance Limerick

Lenore from Colin Gee on Vimeo.