Collaboration Projects

The Creative Show, a collaboration between Limerick Youth Theatre and the Daughters of Charity Service, Limerick. Choreography by Angie Smalis.

Patterns Dance Collective under the Directon of Angie Smalis aim to create dance pieces and engage audiences to observe, reflect and enjoy the Art form of contemporary Dance by recurring movements, events and ideas (Motifs). ‘We believe that audiences’ aesthetic enjoyment of our dance pieces is the recognition of the patterns we impose on their experience in given time’.

Filmed in Dance Limerick and John Square, ‘Stoixeia’/Elements was choreographed by Angie Smalis and filmmaker Dominki Kosicki with original music written and performed by Musician and Producer Paddy Mulcahy. Performed by members of Limerick Youth Dance.

Filmed in Dance Limerick, choreographed by Angie Smalis, filmed by Dominik Kosicki and performed by members of Limerick Youth Dance.

Music video shot in Dance Limerick by Shane Serrano for music band dREA. Official Video.

John’s Query is a staged work and a video series for three dancers set in Limerick’s St. John’s Square, exploring 1) our changing notion of the public square as both a location and a network, 2) mistranslations, and 3) the pursuit of shared perspective.

Angie is part of the Limerick Collective